I have two things to announce this evening. First of all, information on the Agrotereion, the newest Catalean Temple, has been posted on the Cataleos website. Photos will be coming soon (and the site is amazing!) but for now we have the text up there for everyone to check out. Take a look at

Secondly, I am pleased to announce the 2009 Elaphebolia Photo Hunt. The Elaphebolia celebrates Artemis as both a huntress of and protectress of all wild creatures. Enjoy the thrill of the chase and show your appreciation for nature with the Elaphebolia Photo Hunt. Take a picture of any wild creature you find and email it to Cataleos by October 13th. For more details on how to enter (such as the email address, which I am trying to shield from too much spam), visit

Good luck and enjoy your hunt!

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