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( Apr. 22nd, 2009 01:30 pm)
I've been on this mailing list for a Shinto temple in Washington, and I'm probably about to get kicked off. I've never seen anyone disagree with what gets posted there, and I just did. The thing is, the head priest of the temple posted an article which pushed some MAJOR buttons for me. I probably shouldn't have responded at all, but I've been holding my tongue a lot lately, and this time it just had to come out. Even so, I only gave a short response and I tried to be respectful. The full response is coming out here.

The article is about the supposed benefits of vegetarianism. Now, many of my friends are vegetarian. I respect that. Really I do. I was even vegetarian myself for a while. What I do not respect is misinformation, propaganda, and general bullshit.

The article, cut because it's long and abnoxious )

My response, cut because the article makes me very, very angry. )

Why do they hate cows so much?

The guys who made the bullshit video about PETA need to do another one about this.


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