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( Feb. 13th, 2008 01:27 pm)
Friends, colleagues, and fellow Pagans,

I am pleased to announce the publication of my first book: Dancing in Moonlight: Understanding Artemis Through Celebration. In this book readers will discover six modern festivals celebrating the ancient Greek Goddess Artemis and two joint festivals celebrating Artemis and Her twin brother, Apollo. Many (but not all) of these festivals are adapted from ancient Greek festivals,and all these modern celebrations are made uniquely applicable to the modern day. Dancing in Moonlight discusses what one might get out of participating in each of these festivals, and describes how to create your own celebration uniquely customized for you or your group.

Dancing in Moonlight should be available through and other retailers in a few weeks, but you can get your copy now by going here:

My thanks go out to the folks at Asphodel Press for all their help and for putting up with my new author neuroses; to Neokoroi for all their support and wonderful feedback; to Lori for the cover art; to my test readers for their insightful commentary; to everyone who has ever attended a Cataleos festival; and, of course to Artemis.

I hope you enjoy Dancing in Moonlight and find something positive to take from reading it.

~ Thista Minai ~


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